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From children to adults and from complete beginners to fighters, we have classes available to cater for everyone from all walks of life.



Muay Thai is a fun way for children to learn a Martial Art as well as important life skills. Our classes are for kids aged 5 years old and above, and we group them by age and experience.

We conduct grading sessions for our students every few months to track progress, and they move up in our grading system when they're ready. Our classes are open to both boys and girls, and our coaches are there to help the kids build confidence and skills in a safe and friendly environment.

Muay Thai is a great way for children to learn and improve in many areas like:

  • Discipline and focus.

  • Respect and humility.

  • Mental and physical health.

  • Self-defence skills.

  • Social skills.


Our classes are designed for adults of all levels and backgrounds. Whether you're a complete beginner or have some experience, our team is here to guide you. Everyone has their own purpose, whether its weight loss and improving general fitness, learning self-defence or competing, we cater for all. 

Our gym is based on community and we pride ourselves on having a welcoming and friendly environment where ego is left at the door. Our classes focus on teaching the art of Muay Thai whilst also building strength, improving flexibility, and learning practical self-defense skills.


Remember it's never too late to start Muay Thai, people in all age groups come and train, from students to parents and even grandparents. Everyone is here for the same reason and that's to train hard and tackle their personal goals. Everyone is welcome here. 

Classes will consist of warm up drills, basic padwork, partner drills, clinch work and as you progress you will then be able to start sparring in the intermediate/advanced classes.

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Our fighter's classes are invite only and are for those who would like to take things to the next level. 8 Limbs has an established and very active fight team that are competing both in the UK and Thailand. 

The team are ambitious, hungry and are already gaining national recognition from the Muay Thai scene. A lot of these fighters joined the gym as beginners and started from scratch, it goes to show how far people can go simply from turning up, having a positive attitude and applying hard work and consistency.



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